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We are experts in designing, implementing, and supporting the technology needs of today’s small and mid-size businesses. Our experienced team members specialize in providing you with secure Internet connectivity, server administration, data backup and recovery, desktop support, network administration, web security, and much more.

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Who Are We?

Curious about who we are and what makes us great? We’re a group of technologists (aka “geeks”) with a wide breadth and depth of experience from both large and small organizations who simply love helping businesses achieve their technology goals.

But we don’t just implement technology for technologies sake. With an average of 20 years IT experience, our engineers understand how to apply technical solutions appropriately to meet business needs – and just as importantly, where not to.


Who We Are


Scroll down to review several common areas of technology that we assist our clients with. You may also want to review some of our recent and past projects. If you don’t quite see what you’re looking for, get in touch with us. It’s challenging to boil everything we can do into a few short sentences and you may find that we do have experience with the one-off gizmo gadget that you need help with!


Desktop Support

NexGen Systems can support all your desktop workstation needs, including hardware, operating systems, and most applications.

Server Stack

Server Support

We can help with your file and database server needs, including server purchases, OS installations and upgrades, system monitoring, and day-to-day administration.

Backup Data

Data Backup

We can help with backing up your critical business data, and just as importantly, ensure your data can actually be recovered in case of disaster — an often missed aspect.

Network Connectivity

Network Administration

Is your network running slow? Do your apps respond as quickly as they should? Are your employees spending excessive amounts of time on social networks or shopping online? Do you even know? We can help identify potential issues, track them down, and resolve them.

Eye on Security


2014 was known as “The Year of the Breach.” Are you susceptible to online security issues? Is your Internet connection as secure as it should be? Do you need an assessment of your security posture for an upcoming audit? NexGen Systems can identify gaps and help you close any areas of concern.


Network Design

Opening a new office or expanding an existing office? Want to add a secure wireless network? We can work with you to design the network to meet your needs, not only for today but also position you for your projected growth — without incurring undue costs.


Curious about what we’re good at? Be curious no more! Check out a brief overview of some projects that we’ve completed to see exactly what we rock at. Click the “Learn More” button for enough details to blow your mind! (We promise we’re telling the truth – you can even check our references)

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Holistic Solutions


At NexGen Systems we want to make it as easy as possible to obtain the technical assistance you need, because we love helping small businesses!

We offer multiple ways to handle invoicing, including a simple flat hourly rate, discounted pre-paid blocks of hours, and service agreements with consistent monthly costs. We’d love to partner with you to solve your technical business needs and maintain your environment, so you can focus on what you do best — running your business!

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