So Long to Microsoft Windows Server 2003

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Windows Server 2003 was originally released way back on April 24, 2003. It held on for a good life, having seen several newer operating systems come out during its time, including Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 2008 Server, Windows 8, and Windows 2012 Server.

It was simpler back 12 years ago. No YouTube, no Facebook, no HBO Go, no Netflix streaming videos. The “cloud” was just a mass of water vapor.

Remember 2003? It was a simpler time before YouTube, Facebook, and smartphones… and app was just short for appetizer. In other words, ancient times. But as of July 14, 2015 we bid farewell to this venerable OS.

To send the OS off in style, Spiceworks made this song to say “Adios Windows Server 2003!” Our server racks will indeed miss you…almost as much as me.

Adios Windows Server 2003 Lyrics(a song by Spiceworks)

It was simpler back 12 years ago
No YouTube, Facebook, no HBO Go
The quote unquote cloud was just a mass of water vapor.

The PCs were all running Windows XP
A few still are, between you and me
And app was just short for appetizer.

Adios, Windows Server 2003
I hope you R.I.P. (rest in peace)
You treated me good as an operating system could
My racks will miss you almost as much as me

I was younger, with a little more hair
The NT 4.0 server was in need of repair
That’s when I saw you in tight cling wrap dressed
You sat on my desk, my heart leapt out my chest
I said, “My old OS hurt me, I don’t want to be played.”
You looked in my eyes and said, “Baby, it’s time to upgrade.”

Windows Server 2003
I’ll keep you in my dreams (in my dreams)
You carried on for 12 long years
Kept me secure and took away my fears
I’ll miss you when you leave

And one thing led to another, I didn’t know what to say
Opened your box and put you in the disc tray right away
And I could tell that this wasn’t just some fling
“Win2K3, I love you,” I said. “Do you feel the same thing?”

You said,”Despite all my features, emotions I lack.”
“But let’s wait and see with my next service pack.”

Adios, Server 2003
You have been good to me
But Windows Server 2012 is so damn glad to see you shelved
I’ll keep you in my dreams (I’ll keep you in my dreams)